You are about to have something built in your home...

You have high standards in everything you do, but do not know where to start. You are our type of client.

In a time where it would seem impossible to still find a craftsman, a time where speed and savings generally come first, it is a indeed a task for you to find a man who takes pride in his work.

Our mission statement is to deliver perfection, and we actively look for more exacting clients.

I have some simple rules that both my staff and I abide by;

Communicate correctly
Respond in a timely fashion
Deliver service what ever the cost
Care about the finish first above all
Consider the clients need without question
Deliver promises
Be punctual
Always available on the phone
Always call back
Always provide quality aftercare


It's just not that hard to do, if you care about the task, it will show, most people take great comfort from this.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with high quality, exacting craftsmanship, and timeless design. Creating balance, wellness and harmony in all discerning lifestyles by achieving exceptional class in kitchens, bathrooms and interiors is what we do best.

Vince James


Builders Liability Cover

Builders Liability Cover
through Simply Business

Public Liability : £1,000,000
Employers Liability : £10,000,000

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